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Richard Lim of Zencare Lifestyles Australia remarked of being taken by surprise by the big increase in interest by Malaysian developers towards Retirement Villages and Age Care as a viable long term business.

If before, even 2 years ago, each trip to Malaysia will only see 2 or 3 meetings, this trip inFeb-March, more than 15 meetings with developers were had. A handful of which seems to be highly doable and progressive.

Why the sudden interest?

1. The years of sharing and telling about the RV business? BFM.MY and THE EDGE have good coverage on the topic as well.

2. An educated and exposed generation of Malaysians are aging gracefully and would look towards a gorgeous retirement lifestyle.

3. The realisation that the RV business increases yield even on a ten year scale.

4. Many developers have already made their money and are looking for viable and sustainable legacy business models.

Richard will be back come April-May window (tbc) for a day seminar/conference together with industry experts from Australia.


RETIREMENT VILLAGES IN MALAYSIA & QUALITY AGE CARE: Retirement Villages (RV) in Malaysia? Ask Richard....: Mr Richard Lim will be in Malaysia 15th till 29th February for further dialogues and consultations with local partners and interested devel...

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